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Katine: Guardian does something very special indeed with crowdsourcing

If you have ten minutes today, click along to Katine: it starts with a village. With this project The Guardian is doing something very special indeed with crowdsourcing, interactive storytelling, and journalism itself.

Launched over the weekend, Katine appears to be a new approach to “the annual appeal to focus attention on worthwhile causes during the pre-Christmas giving season”. Editor Alan Rusbridger explains: Continue reading

Citizen journalism: some conclusions from the European Bloggers Unconference

Consider this my first attempt at a photoblog entry. For those who prefer video or text you can see both at http://www.ejc.net/seminars/picnic_2007_3

What is citizen journalism

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More on the European Bloggers (Un)conference

As previously reported, I’ll be at the first European Bloggers (Un)Conference, in Amsterdam, on September 27-28. I’ve now set up a Facebook group and event if you want to sign up.

Attendees are listed on the unconference wiki and include Nicolas Ebnother of InternewsOleksander Demchenko of the Ukrainian LiveJournal journalism community, Andrew Davies of the Greenpeace makingwaves blog, Vadim Sadonshoev, Irakli Jibladze of Steady State, Luca ContiAbdul Gamid, Leila Tanayeva of New Eurasia, Mikhail Doroshevich of e-belarus, photoblogger Anush Babajanyan, Sami Ben Gharbia of Global Voices Advocacy, and Wybo Wiersma of OgOg. Guest speaker Evgeny Morozov of Transitions Online plans Continue reading