Teaching Online Journalism the open source way: week 1: “Why?”

In two weeks I begin teaching the 2008 class on Online Journalism. As a way of inviting ideas and being open source and all that, I thought I would post 2007’s classes online. The first lecture is below…

…it’s very much one-word slides with me riffing off them, but hopefully it gives you a sense of what areas I covered. The idea here is to get students thinking about their own motivations before they begin, and for me to get an idea of why they’re doing this.

I then give my own angle, before moving on to cover blogging and RSS. I used Wikio last year as the recommended RSS reader/personalised news site, which I came to regret – it was buggy.

The reading is from Stuart Allan’s Online News (Amazon.com link).

By the way, I blogged about the results at the time here.

Your thoughts are very much welcome.

5 thoughts on “Teaching Online Journalism the open source way: week 1: “Why?”

  1. Miles

    Greetings, this is Miles over at Wikio!

    We hope you’ll give our service another try; our bugs have since been hammered out, and we’ll be launching specifically in the UK very shortly.


  2. paulbradshaw Post author

    @Alex – I did try recording them, but a) never had time to edit it; and b) a podcast is fine for a one-way lecture but this is more conversational so perhaps doesn’t suit the medium as well.
    May try again this year.
    @Andy – I start on Monday. Will be blogging it! And they will be Twittering it!


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