1000 posts – but which are the best ones?

The other day I realised that this blog had passed the milestone of 1000 posts without me noticing. This seems as good a time as any to look back and pick out the 1% that are worth highlighting.

You’ll notice that the (coincidental) redesign of the blog has an ‘OJB Highlights’ area in which I’ve picked the posts which – from my memory at least – have proved particularly popular or comment-worthy, or at least those I’ve spent most time on.

But that’s just my opinion. I’d love to know if you think I’ve overlooked any posts that should be included.

1 thought on “1000 posts – but which are the best ones?

  1. Jo Wadsworth

    I’m a very new reader of the blog, so can’t claim to have read anything approaching all 1,000 posts – but right now I’m finding your post on creating basic mashups really useful.


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