Podcasts – research suggests there’s still growth in it

Pew have released some useful research into podcast downloading, revealing a near-60% increase in the activity over the past 2 years – from 12% of internet users having downloaded a podcast to 19%.

But the really interesting data is somewhat hidden.

  • Firstly, affluent users are more likely to download podcasts – 23% of those earning over $75,000 having done so.
  • Secondly, the suggestion that this growth will continue is supported by the fact that those who have been on the internet longer were also more likely to have used podcasts
  • And finally, this is clearly a market with a lot of gaps. I’m surprised how few podcasts there are: only 43,000 according to Podcast Alley, and the obvious categories dominate: technology, comedy, religion, business.

The one disappointment with the survey is that aside from measuring how many users had ever downloaded a podcast, their second question was about how many had downloaded the day before (3%). Surely, how many had downloaded the week previous would have been a more relevant question?

Also, while they ask how many users have mp3 players, it would be useful to know how many use their mobile phones to play, and download, podcasts. For me mobile could be a spur to a new growth in the medium.

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3 thoughts on “Podcasts – research suggests there’s still growth in it

  1. Adam

    Agreed. When we see, say, the iPhone downloading podcasts over the air rather than through syncing with computers we’ll see real change in the rate of podcast growth again.

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