Quote Twitter conversations with QuoteURL (Something for the Weekend #15)

Following on from the previous Something for the Weekend, Twickie, which allows you to collect responses to a question posted on Twitter, this tool allows you to present a conversation – with impressive control. 

QuoteURL allows you to drag and drop (or copy and paste) Twitter tweet URLs to reconstruct a conversation.

Here’s one I prepared earlier:

  1. Dirk Singer
    dirkthecow great article on the “daily me” or how the Internet is narrowing our viewpoints, from Nicholas Kristof in the NYT http://bit.ly/lsH3
  2. Paul Bradshaw
    paulbradshaw @dirkthecow I disagree. He has no evidence the Internet will make that worse.
  3. Dirk Singer
    dirkthecow @paulbradshaw agree he gives no evidence,but my own personal experience mirrors what he says,I follow and read stuff from people ‘like me’
  4. Paul Bradshaw
    paulbradshaw @dirkthecow but we do that offline too -he’s suggesting the net makes it worse. Evidence doesn’t back that up.
  5. Dirk Singer
    dirkthecow @paulbradshaw but isn’t it so that when we all watched the evening news we were forced to hear different opinions, now we filter them more?
  6. Paul Bradshaw
    paulbradshaw @dirkthecow one stat sticks out in my mind: 46% of people come across news stories while searching for something else
  7. Dirk Singer
    dirkthecow @paulbradshaw another interesting piece is this one on ‘homophily’ by Oliver Burkeman in The Guardian http://bit.ly/5qPXJ

this quote was brought to you by quoteurl

The tool allows you to include up to 4 tweets without registering, 10 if you have, and more if you pay for an account (not available at the moment).

There are a few weaknesses to the service – when I tried it you couldn’t actually see any more than 4 tweets – although they were clearly being stored: you have to work ‘blind’ so to speak.

And it seems you cannot have more than 1 consecutive tweet by the same person.

What is nice is that you can have more than 2 people involved in the conversation, and tweets seem to be arranged chronologically, so you can drag them in in any order.

If you have a play with it, let me know how you get on – or any uses you can see.

11 thoughts on “Quote Twitter conversations with QuoteURL (Something for the Weekend #15)

  1. Dave

    Are you a recently laid off print journalist? If so, I am writing a freelance piece on the topic. If interested, you can e-mail me whether you will continue to pursue work in the field, and what direction you see the industry going. Please include your full name and contact information for verification. E-mail to dsgoodhue@yahoo.com

  2. Fabricio Zuardi

    Hi, thanks for mentioning the service and thanks for the feedback, the site is still pretty new, so some glitches are expected, some comments:

    1- About the tweet limits for anonymous and logged users, I would rather be a little more conservative at the beginning in order to maintain scalability and Twitter API usage quotas under control, maybe I’ll revisit those limits in the future depending on how the service grows. And for upgraded accounts, that needs more than 10 tweets quotes, the plan is not necessarily have it as a paid option, even because the whole project is open source, so very easy to clone and create a free version that allows for bigger limits. I am doing it currently manually on a case-by-case basis, but the criteria to upgrade in the future is still not decided, it can be given for people that contribute code, make donations or even some other thing that I am not sure of yet, I am open for suggestions 🙂

    2- As for the bug you bumped into that made you work blindly, I’ve filled a bug about that and I am investigating it already, please subscribe to http://fczuardi.lighthouseapp.com/projects/24896-quoteurl/tickets/42 to see the progress of this issue, thanks for the report!

    If you find any other issues or have any suggestions please, by all means feel free to DM me on twitter @fczuardi or email fabricio at fabricio dot org


  3. Patung

    You spend way too much time talking about and being on twitter, put that energy into your own site, don’t spend your time building up someone else’s site (twitter).

  4. Debra Askanase

    Glad you wrote about this, as I’d been wondering exactly how people pasted these together. One interesting use of QuoteURL would be for nonprofit fundraising, as Beth Kanter/Cambodia4kids prepared to illustrate a “Twitter rally” to raise funds. I don’t know if she used this tool, but it gives an idea of the possibilities, once the bugs have been worked out. Perhaps Quote URL could offer unlimited usage for purposes like these. However, I don’t believe that paying for more than a certain amount of quotes makes sense – people will find a way to do it without paying and why not let Quote URL get the fame and glory from it instead of the potential negative press? Here’s the link to the Twitter rally on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cambodia4kidsorg/3368133614/

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  6. Fabricio Zuardi

    Hi Debra,

    If you need unlimited quotes please drop me an email at fabricio at fabricio dot org with the google account you want to use for that. As I said earlier, the application is completely open and can easily be modified to any purpose if you have specific needs.

    The idea is to keep the application free, the limits are there just to keep Twitter API quotas under control, but as I’ve said I am still gathering data on the usage and this limits will probably be raised for everyone soon.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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