What should we talk about at JEEcamp?

It’s 2 weeks until JEEcamp – the unconference for journalism experimenters and entrepreneurs – and I think it’s probably time to whittle down what we’ll be talking about.

Whether you’re attending or not, what do you think are the biggest issues you’d want to discuss with others in the news, social media and technology industries?

1 thought on “What should we talk about at JEEcamp?

  1. Linda

    Hi Paul,
    I’m attending and think the format of the day is excellent in that people’s experiences aired on the day can help shape what’s discussed on the day.

    Those attending can speak up with their own pointers – so any more organised sessions can take their lead from what’s already been raised, which is a great opportunity to learn from the talented individuals attending.

    From my point of view, I find the range of participants quite breathtaking and I am looking forward to being inspired by the innovators there and their stories of how they have been able to flourish in these challenging times.

    But as this event is taking place at a time when journalists are facing the biggest job and budget cuts ever known, alongside the more general and informative discussions about the future of journalism, I would like to be able to offer more practical advice for those considering self-employment or setting up a company. I think that there are lots of skills inherent in a good journalist that will help them in a business role but there are also hard lessons I have learned that could also possibly trip other journalists up as they launch a business or continue to trade.

    I hope that may be helpful, thanks again.


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