The foreign minister of Argentina on Twitter

Argentinian politicians of all parties are now fervent Twitter users, as I stated in my previous OJB post, and they don’t hesitate in arguing shamelessly about all national matters in 140 characters.

The new foreign minister, Hector Timerman (@hectortimerman), is maybe the most enthusiastic Twitter user of all the government officials. Every day you can read him discussing with national journalists – and regular Twitter citizens – the administration’s performance.

So, generally, journalists that don’t agree with Kirchner’s  marriage policies bear the brunt of his anger through Twitter. That’s why Reynaldo Sietecase (one of the top national journalists) asked Timerman in his radio show about the risk of communicating things by Twitter “without any filter”.

The foreign minister of Argentina replied with irony: ¿Dont you think that now, while I’m talking on the radio with you, I’m also doing it without any filter?

The journalist pushed on and asked if Twitter didn’t make him waste time. Of course, Timerman raised the bet: “Actually, I waste much more time talking with you than on Twitter”.

1 thought on “The foreign minister of Argentina on Twitter

  1. Peter Demain

    Our credit crunch is nothing compared to Argentina’s passive economic hardship. The politicians can’t even afford suits for cripes sake!

    Assuming the portrait pic was taken within Argentina, it single-handedly debunks global warming unless forced importation of the flightless avian occurred.

    Don’t you think that’s the true news here rather than the bleatings of some windbag?

    In related revolutionary news; a reliable source (Danish pal of mine) informed me that the Nordic character “Ø” was created by a disgruntled sot of a Viking about 950 years ago as a joke: Old Norse translation is sketchy, but the ‘joke’ was to make a character signifying a small table getting cleaved in half by an axe.

    Pete, editor at Dirty Garnet


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