Online News Survey – suggestions wanted

Global news provider Small World News Service and online research company OnePoll are looking to undertake a large study which will research how the public access and use news online.

After discussing possible angles to take with the survey, it was decided that it would be good to work with the Online Journalism Blog to crowdsource possible avenues to take with the research.

The goal is to produce a number of studies that can help news professionals, journalists and anyone else with an interest understand the attitude and behaviours of online news consumers.

Our method will be to conduct a survey with a large representative sample of UK internet users.

After the study has been completed we will publish both the report and the data on the OnePoll website and make it freely available.

So if you have any suggestions for questions or possible angles then I would be delighted to hear about them.

You can contact me on Twitter @oliconner or email oli2706@gmail dot com

4 thoughts on “Online News Survey – suggestions wanted

  1. Chitika Forum

    On-line news is very helpful for know what happening in the world.It is best way to get news of whole world by using internet and blogs.You take a good action to have a research on it.I am so curious to find out the result of your research.

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  3. Qamar

    Hi !Dear Friend
    This is very nice to hear that the survey has been conducted by you i would like to tell you that extend the survey circle because in Pakistan,India, Afghanistan and Iran,Dubai (UAE) these area also using the online services while in many places they are actually changing the news patron and getting the news from the websites and because of this the actual qualified journalists are misusing, there are many things in the way but if you extend the circle,because in many countries English news are little difficult but the newspapers owner publishing the newspapers without the proper staff members and these papers are not online while these are publishing for market only ….
    Qamar Yousafzai


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