Journalism training

If your organisation needs training or strategic advice on any aspect of online journalism, I offer sessions and consultancy in the following areas:

  • Using social media for article research, production and distribution
  • Successful blogging
  • Search engine optimisation and social media optimisation
  • Computer assisted reporting
  • Multiplatform journalism
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Data journalism

To see recommendations from some of my clients, which include regional and national newspapers, magazines and broadcasters in the UK and internationally, see my LinkedIn profile.

I also write teaching materials, contributing to courses including the Open School of Journalism and the world’s biggest data journalism MOOC.

Please contact me on paulonhismobile(at) for quotes and dates.

14 thoughts on “Journalism training

  1. guido romeo

    Hi Paul, I’m working as a journalist at Wired Italy and have some basic Car and data journalism skills. Can you recommend a summer school crash course in Europe? I’d need a 3-4 day crash hands on crash course (eg what they do at Cij at City for investigative journalism.

    Can you recommend something?



  2. Andrea Vial

    Dear Paul, I need advice for course on data journalism skills in London. Period between October 2012 and January 2013. Can you suggest something for me?
    Best regards

    1. Paul Bradshaw Post author

      Nothing that I’m aware of, but if you know of others who want to do a course as well, I can organise something.

  3. andrea vial

    Thanks Paul. I live in Chile so i cannot reach any person to join me on a course with you. I would love to learn from you. Anyway, if something comes along, please let me know.
    Happy 2012

  4. jay

    hey Paul… I’m a journalism student and i was wondering if you could recommend any books for me to read that can help me get on the right track…am really at a stand still. i would really appreciate your help

  5. Kevin

    Hi Paul.

    I qualified for my NCTJ in July last year, but i’m wanting to get into digital content marketing, blogging and social media marketing..etc…how transferable are my skills? Any advice on how I could go about it?

    1. Paul Bradshaw Post author

      I expect the skills will have some appeal, for example to employers who might have gone the NCTJ route some time ago themselves when they worked in journalism. That said, the first thing most people in those fields look for is evidence of a strong presence and understanding of social media yourself: whether you’re using those platforms well; how much you know about how they’re being used by others, and so on. I’d be following people in those fields and asking them directly.

  6. Anil Kumar Upadhyaya

    Hai Paul,
    I am India based senior level journalist writing on economic-political-strategic-diplomatic affairs since 1995 in India.I am willing to work with you on your consultancy and training part in India if you want to do some sessions in India or in Nepal also.I want to associate myself with your training and consultancy part towards India-Nepal-Sri Lanka also.I also want to work as contributor from India for your online journalism blog.Pls send me reply to my email:

  7. Delia Louis

    Hey Paul,
    I came across your quote “Data can be the source of data journalism, or it can be the tool with which the story is told–or it can be both. Like any source, it should be treated with skepticism; and like any tool, we should be conscious of how it can shape and restrict the stories that are created with it”, during a Journalism course with Alison and decided to follow your blog. I noticed you mentioned that your teaching material is available at the OSJ. Strange enough I am starting a course there as well. Can you indicate which courses contain your material? Would love to look out for it. Thanks !

    1. Paul Bradshaw Post author

      It’s the module on media reporting. It’s not particularly specific to online Journalism and even less so data Journalism. Some of my data journalism teaching is on the EJC Mooc on data journalism.


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