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How publishers could end up helping authorities hack their own readers

Alan Rusbridger holding the destroyed Snowden files hard disk

The Guardian complied when authorities demanded they destroy the Snowden files

So far most of the talk about the Investigatory Powers Bill has been about the lack of protection for journalists’ sources thrown up by powers to intercept communications.

But there’s another part to the Bill which relates to facilitating state hacking – and an analysis by Danny O’Brien has thrown up some worrying ambiguity on this front for publishers – not just those based in the UK. Continue reading

Respond by Monday: inquiry into cyber security and protection of personal data


The World’s Biggest Data Breaches visualised by David McCandless. Click to see interactive and updated version

At the same time as one arm of the UK Government is proposing to force internet and telecomms service providers to store data on the internet and phone activity of every citizen, another part is holding an inquiry into lax security by one ISP which led to details being hacked.

It’s a rare opportunity to have your say on the clear personal security issues that the Investigatory Powers Bill raises – but the deadline is Monday.

Have your say here.