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Another wiki warning

[Keyword: ]. Poynter reports on the amusing tale of the Norwegian prime minister page that says he was leader of the Norwegian Chimpanzee Monkey Association.

Ten years of Salon

[Keyword: ]. That rare thing, a survivor of the dotcom boom and bust, celebrates its tenth anniversary this year – and there’s a great article all about it at – it seems funny to me that in order to get to that page I had to ‘watch’ one ad (ie. let it run while I went and did something else), skip another, and refuse to take part in an online survey. The things people have to do to make money…

2005 Online Journalism Awards – Finalists

[Keyword: ]. The ONA has announced the finalists of its online journalism awards. No best student website nominees. Tut tut. The nominees are copied and listed below.

General Excellence in Online Journalism (Large)

• BBC News,
• CNN,
• The New York Times,
• Nova Online,

General Excellence in Online Journalism (Medium)

• CBS 2 Chicago,
• New York Newsday,
• Frontline/World,
• Spokesman Review,

General Excellence in Online Journalism (Small)

• Bluffton Today,
• Congressional Quarterly,
• Online Athens,
• New West,
• Center for Public Integrity,

Breaking News (Large)

• “Asia’s Deadly Waves,” New York Times,
• “Laguna Landslide,” Orange County Register,
• “Hurricanes of 2004,” Orlando Sentinel,
• “Storm 2004 Hurricane Coverage,” Palm Beach Post,
• “Tsunami Coverage,” Washington Post,

Breaking News (Small)

• “BTK Serial Killer Confesses,”,
• “Microsoft to Gut Longhorn,” Microsoft Watch,,2180,1640183,00.asp
• “Local Floods,” Middletown NY Times Herald-Record,
• “McGowan Family Tragedy,” The Palm Springs Desert Sun,

Online Commentary (Large)

• “Shooting from the Heart” by David Kuo, Beliefnet,
• “Human Nature” by William Saletan, Slate Magazine,
• “Ad Report Card” by Seth Stevenson, Slate Magazine,
• “Kausfiles” by Mickey Kaus, Slate Magazine,;26457&dto=06/30/05&dfrom=07/01/04
• “Page 2,” ESPN,
• “Media Hack” by Adam Penenberg,,,2339,1295,00.html

Online Commentary (Medium)

• Chas Rich, “NEO Babble Blog,”
• Al Mascitti, The Delaware News Journal,
• Greg Mitchell, Editor & Publisher,
• “ blogs,”
• Mark Fiore’s Animated Political Cartoons,

Online Commentary (Small)

• “Good Morning Silicon Valley,” John Paczkowski,
• “The Business Electric,” Arthur O’Donnell, Energy Pulse

• “Purely Academic,” Terry Caesar,
• “Arts:OpEd,” Bill Marx,

Outstanding Use of Multiple Media (Large)

• “Class Matters,” New York Times,
• “C.R.O.P Up Close: Donovan State Prison,” San Diego Union Tribune,
• “A Husband for Vibha,” St. Petersburg Times,
• “25 years in Hip Hop,” Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel,,0,3806040.flash
• “AIDS in Africa: A Turning Point,” Toronto Globe and Mail,

Outstanding Use of Multiple Media (Small)

• “Mission to Mante,” Boulder Daily Camera,
• “Hip-Hop at 30,” New York Newsday,
• “State of the Hudson, Poughkeepsie Journal,
• “My House, My Shack,”,

Specialty Journalism (Large)

• The Chronicle of Higher Education,
• Computer World,
• ESPN Insider,
• “OC Varsity,” Orange County Register,

Specialty (Small)

• “Heritage and Culture,”,
• Fashion Week, New York Newsday,
• ContentNext Media:,
• “Speaking of Faith,” American Public Media,

Service journalism (Large)

• “Borrower Beware,” Atlanta Journal-Constitution,
• “Get Schooled education blog,” Atlanta Journal-Constitution,
• “My Favorite Teacher, Philadelphia Inquirer,
• “Your Right to Know,” Journal News,

Service Journalism (Small)

• “Unsafe Haven, The Crisis in Home Health Care,” Winston-Salem Journal,
• “Living Through Windows…Alzheimer’s Disease,” Grand Island Independent,

Enterprise Journalism (Large)

• “In Harm’s Way,” Houston Chronicle,
• “Murder in Room 103,” Court TV,
• “Echo Company,” Knight Ridder,
• “Dot-con Job,” Seattle Times,
• “What is Torture?” Slate Magazine,

Enterprise (Small)

• “Beyond Borders,” San Bernardino Sun and Inland Valley Daily Bulletin,
• “Sex, Money and Meth Addiction,” New West,
• “Outsourcing the Pentagon,” Center for Public Integrity,
• “The Attack at the Silk Forest Plant,” Winston Salem Journal,

Best student website

• No finalists

Student Journalism

• “Hartman Murder Files,” University of Alaska Fairbanks,
• “Crossing Borders,” Arizona State University,
• “Global Messengers,” University of North Carolina,

[Tag: ]. Well I said I needed to buy proper domain name for my blogs, and I had a sneaky feeling wouldn’t be registered, so off I went to snap it up and point it here. I’ve done the same for (aka and (aka

If you need an easier-to-remember address, now you have one – and hopefully it should mean better search engine listings too…

Your readers will be your writers

[Keyword: ]. According to a report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project. Poynter quotes: “Fully half of all teens and 57 percent of teens who use the Internet could be considered Content Creators. They have created a blog or webpage, posted original artwork, photography, stories, or videos online, or remixed online content into their own new creations.”