"The world’s first story auction website"

[Keyword: , ]. The Press Gazette reports on plans to launch “the world’s first story auction website”kissnsell.co.uk. The site has been created by former News of the World journalist Kizzi Nkwocha, now a publicist, who aims to change the way the media buys exclusives.

“Prices for the stories will vary according to the wishes of the seller, and just as in a traditional auction house you will have a reserve price for a story and the auction will run for a set number of weeks.

“But typically, as a publicist, you’d sell a story for anything between £10,000 and £70,000, depending on how big the story is and how much in demand the people behind it are.”

1 thought on “"The world’s first story auction website"

  1. auction site

    Interesting idea really, sell a story online…nice commodity that nevers runs out. I am not sure how much appeal it may have, but nice nonetheless.


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