Students make mobile phone news

[Keyword: , , , ]. News editors, meet the graduate journalists of 2017 (caveat/shameless plug: students on the journalism degree I teach on will have these skills too when they graduate in 2008, but judging from what I hear of online journalism education I’m assuming they’re the exception rather than the rule. Controversial? Well, the beauty of a blog is, you can pull me up if this isn’t the case. So, if you teach on a journalism degree please let me know – via comments – what new media/multimedia skills your students gain. Conversely, if you’re a journalism student, I’d also like to hear what skills you’re gaining and what you think you should be learning. Parenthesis over.)

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Paul Bradshaw lectures on the Journalism degree at UCE Birmingham media department. He writes a number of blogs including the Online Journalism Blog, Interactive PR and Web and New Media

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