Newspaper Video: Debate highlights good practice

This risks becoming an echo chamber, but Andy Dickinson continues his round-up of the online video debate with Newspaper Video: Debate highlights good practice:

“if Paul’s and my definitions of online covered the production aspects then The Five E’s of online video from Jeff Rayport’s talk from the Online Publishers Association conference in London. (via Jeff Jarvis’ blog summary ) cover the pre-production and why element.

  • Extend content you have and bring it to online media.
  • Expand video activities to make new and experimental forms of content.
  • Expose (let the outside in; e.g., NY Times wedding videos, Le Monde user videos).
  • Explode (let the inside out; syndication, in other words).
  • Exhale (you don’t know what will work so relax).

“Put them all together, and add a bit of Moncks Monikers and a dash of Kevin Anderson and I think there is enough there to at least start to answer the Why, what and how questions of online video.”

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