How can you study media without studying new media?

We’ve had an ‘Applicant Day’ in my department today – and I discovered that some people studying a HND in Media were not covering new media. My reaction?

  • Television production companies are now required to submit ‘360-degree’ programme pitches that include a new media element. Often the budget for that is bigger than for the programme. Add to that red-button interactivity, streaming, mobile TV, and DVDs.
  • Photographers routinely package their work on CDROM, or sell it online. A web portfolio is essential.
  • Public Relations employees are required to understand viral ‘word of mouth’ technologies like social networking, blogging, promotional games, websites, and email.
  • Radio has been going digital for some time now. Most radio stations are streamed online.
  • The music industry has been transformed by the web. Some pointers for you: Napster; Kazaa; iPod; iTunes; mp3; MySpace;; Radiohead.
  • And there’s journalism… well. Just read every post, ever, on this blog. Ever.

What else did I say? Nag your tutors, and start swotting up in your spare time. Your college is doing you a disservice, but that shouldn’t stop you.

2 thoughts on “How can you study media without studying new media?

  1. Bas Timmers

    The same problem is here in the Netherlands. It’s almost impossible to find people with 1) journalism skills 2) who make the choice for internet and not for the newspaper 3) a vision on online journalism and the future of it. In other words: start studying online journalism and you have a job guarantee for at least the next ten years.


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