Job ad: Online Community Manager for Knight Foundation

Marc Fest, the Director of Communications at the Knight Foundation, tells me they are seeking a “digital media maven” to create for Knight “a vibrant online discussion community focused on journalism excellence, communities and issues of systemic change.” And they’ve asked for my assistance in finding that person.

Happy to oblige – here’s the info, plus an old-fashioned Word attachment with more info:

The Online Community Manager will serve with others as Knight’s eyes, ears and voice in the blogosphere. S/he will attract, facilitate and moderate user-generated content on Knight’s web sites, and increase online visibility of a foundation that is dedicated to shaping how the digital revolution will impact the future of journalism and communities.

The successful candidate lives and breathes the blogosphere, with exceptional communications and writing skills. A track record in creating lively and engaged online audiences and community is key. While this position requires communications more than technical skills, proficiency in creating and managing user-generated web content is vital.

Interested parties can visit for further information about Knight, our work and this position. Interested candidates should email their resumes and links to examples of their work to

If you can’t be bothered reading that, Marc has helpfully produced a video (“Note our great views of Miami Beach,” he says) which I’ve embedded below:

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