Who are you?

It helps to know who your readers are. So I’d like your help in completing a very tiny (four questions) survey I’ve created.

Click here to answer those four questions

I will publish the results here on the blog once I get 100 responses (anything below that wouldn’t be representative).

And to make it more entertaining, I’m going to make some guesses as to the results – and see just how far off I am. Feel free to join in the game – a prize to the closest guesses:

  • I think 20% of readers will be journalists, 20% management, 5% technical, 10% other, 25% educators and 20% students
  • The top five countries of readership: USA, UK, Australia, Ukraine, Brazil
  • 50% will not use RSS readers; 20% Google Reader; 15% Bloglines; 15% other
  • 50% won’t remember how they came across the blog; 15% links; 20% search; 10% Facebook; 5% blogroll

Many thanks for your help. Look forward to finding out how wrong I am…

Oh, and by the way: click here to answer those four questions. The survey is now closed.

UPDATE: The results are in.

5 thoughts on “Who are you?

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