Twitter Updates for 2008-06-11

  • Improve your community with a reputation system – Yahoo! maps 9 of them: #
  • Using Who Should I Follow again – but it only takes your first 500 friends, so the recommendations include people I already follow. Shame. #
  • Read a very good dissertation on online journalism ethics: Facebook people would be upset if journalists used their info #
  • Just watched the rushes of a documentary on citizen journalism I was interviewed for. Those 9/11, 7/7, tsunami clips are going to cost him #
  • @ragnhildo the ethics dissertation was by @ecotrip #
  • Three ways journalists can use Facebook (and other social networks) #
  • It’s 30 years this year since Factory Records was formed? That makes me feel old. #
  • Watching David Byrne: Playing the Building (BBTV) #
  • Anyone know of a plugin that allows commenters to upload an image with their comment (not link or embed one)? WordPress or other CMS #
  • DailyLit is to Twitter-publish 3 books. Looking forward to reading Down & Out In The Magic Kingdom. #
  • The twitter grapevine apparently knows what i’m doing two days before i do – and i think i know the source. #
  • Finally a panel discussion worth reading about: retweet jemimakiss: PDA >> @ Future of Journalism: Women on the web http://tinyurl#
  • Finally a panel discussion worth reading about: retweet @jemimakiss: Women on the web #
  • Trying out #Evernote – yet another beta. #
  • Suggest to me a twitter friend you think I should be following #
  • @clarewhite #
  • Jay Rosen live now on radio about citizen journalism. Who wants to bet this is dumb-dull? #
  • I can’t believe we are having a discussion about whether a member of the public has the right to ask a public figure a question #
  • …and to publish that. #
  • Here’s the guide: if it’s a public figure, in a public place, at a public event, then it’s public. Otherwise, be courteous? #
  • Anyone else listening to this Jay Rosen thing on KUOW? #
  • ah well, it’s over anyway. #

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