Will you be at WordCamp UK next weekend?

WordCamp UK* is being hosted in Birmingham this year. I’ll be there, mostly ignoring the rather too formal conference-style structure and instead using it as an excuse to meet people I should really meet more often.

If you’re around that weekend (19th/20th July), let me know (direct or @message on Twitter is best, or comment below). It would be great to have a beer or a coffee.

You can book tickets here, but even if you don’t have a ticket there’ll be plenty of opportunities to meet bloggers and social media types around Birmingham that weekend. On the Friday evening, for example, Jon Bounds has organised a meetup at The Old Royal, Church St, Birmingham between 8-11 (a private room upstairs with its own bar), and there will be some Saturday evening stuff too.

Here’s the event on Upcoming. Here’s the official blog. Here’s the wiki.

*”An informal gathering of WordPress bloggers, podcasters, designers and developers based in the United Kingdom.”

5 thoughts on “Will you be at WordCamp UK next weekend?

  1. CMS Builder

    The beauty of this conference (and in-particular the venue) is that it’s a great opportunity to hook-up with like-minded WordPress designers, developers and bloggers.

    Sure – there’s lots of really good presentations organised on both days, but equally there will be some good debate in the bar area (and no-doubt spilling into the bars and pubs of Birmingham after!).

    See you there – and don’t forget, admission is by TICKET ONLY, so make sure you don’t miss out!

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