Blog Action Day – what are you doing?

It’s Blog Action Day .Here are 88 ways to do something about poverty now.

And if you’re in the Midlands, here’s an 89th: go to the Birmingham Social Media Surgery, to support voluntary and community groups in the city. Credit to Nick Booth for getting things going; credit to the Birmingham blog community for demonstrating once again what a fantastic bunch of people they are.

If you know a language other than English and would like to help Blog Action Day translation work, please email Easton at

I’d love to know what you’re doing, blogger or not.

3 thoughts on “Blog Action Day – what are you doing?

  1. John Welsh

    We work for a B2B media company covering over 15 business sectors. So when I encouraged the bloggers among us to write "on-topic" about poverty, the diversity of the results has been fantastic.

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