Society of Editors 08: Michael Rosenblum

Star turn at the Society of Editors conference yesterday was ‘Video Visionary’ Michael Rosenblum – the only person on stage all day who seemed to realise just what a hole the news industry was in. He talks about his own experiences in creating video journalism for the web, and makes some very strong points about disruptive technologies in history:

Michael Rosenblum @ Society of Editors 08 from Paul Bradshaw on Vimeo.

Michael Rosenblum @ Society of Editors 08 pt2 from Paul Bradshaw on Vimeo.

Michael Rosenblum @ Society of Editors pt.3 from Paul Bradshaw on Vimeo.

17 thoughts on “Society of Editors 08: Michael Rosenblum

  1. Annette Schulte

    Excellent! Thank you for sharing, Paul. Am planning to blog about Rosenblum's comments and will link to your video.

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  3. HRWaldram

    Thanks Paul – linked to your video on my blog so fellow online journalism students on my course could see the excitement.

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  5. Robert Ivan

    This is excellent. Exactly the type of paradigm shift and reaction we report on at metaprinter. Thanks for sharing.

  6. mel taylor

    i have been following mr rosenblum for past few years. little by little, media companies are smartly adopting his recomendations. then there will be a growing need for driving revenue, with these new methods. the rosenblum method will transform the newsroom, then the sales department will need to be transformed…… and that's a good thing !

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  8. Ken Leebow

    Passionate and informative presentation. Not only should it be viewed by media professionals, anyone in business should have an open mind and watch it.

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  10. jonathan Robert

    Thought this might interest you. Rosenblum 14 years ago, a little younger, but no less inspiring. You need to click the image. <a href="…target=”_blank”><a href="<a href="…” target=”_blank”>…” target=”_blank”><a href="…” target=”_blank”>

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