Cut out the middleman and let Facebook’s algorithms do the firing:

From Julia Greenberg:

“Facebook now tells the industry what matters most, which dictates how resources are spent and what stories are told. Not in a sort of theoretical, hey-this-could-happen-someday kind of way, but a real, look-it’s-happening-all-around-us-already way. When Facebook says it will prioritize video in News Feed, every publisher that can afford to do so builds a video team. When Facebook says it will launch Live, publishers suddenly start streaming live. Facebook is setting the rules, and news organizations are following.”

From Recode:

“Mashable [has] announced that it is firing a large portion of its editorial staff. Additionally, Mashable is pivoting from hard news coverage; it will focus on producing lots more video about “digital culture.” According to Politico and a Mashable editor, 30 people were laid off.”

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