Audioboom is ending its free service. Here are some free mobile audio tools you can use instead

Changes afoot at audioBoom With the massive growth in podcasting globally, we have have found that in order to offset the cost of platform maintenance, upgrades and related services we can no longer provide accounts for free. So, starting 4th December 2017, audioBoom will only offer a $9.99 monthly subscription to our current users that have thus far enjoyed ad-free channels at no cost. audioBoom’s $9.99 monthly subscription is a great fit for podcasters with smaller audiences or those who simply want an ad-free option for hosting and distribution.

Audioboom’s announcement that it will end free accounts

It’s been widely rumoured for some weeks now that Audioboom was about to end its free service – and this morning an email to users of the service confirmed that. From December 4, it says, “audioBoom will only offer a $9.99 monthly subscription to our current users”.

So what do you use if you want to produce mobile audio but don’t have the budget for Audioboom’s service? Here are three apps for three use cases…

Speed: Clyp

The mobile audio recording app Clyp has to be one of the best options if you are in a breaking news situation and need to record and publish audio from your phone to social media quickly.

You can use the app without an account, and it also allows you to trim the start and end of the clip before uploading.

Audio editing: Voice Record Pro

For more control over your audio editing, Voice Record Pro offers a range of additional functionality that you don’t get on Clyp, Anchor – or Audioboom. It’s easier to check your levels, you can choose audio settings, alter playback speed, boost audio, and even add ‘silence detection’.

Once recorded, you can access advanced editing controls, split audio, convert, send it via Bluetooth, FTP or WiFi download (this option is particularly cool), various cloud storage services, or platforms such as Facebook, Sound Cloud or YouTube.

You can even add an image and export as a video for social media, which is particularly useful.

Mobile podcasting: Anchor

Over the last year Anchor has grown to become one of the most sophisticated audio apps around.

Like Audioboom, it started with the aim to become the ‘Twitter of audio’, but has transformed itself into a powerful podcasting app, with automatic publishing to iTunes and Google Play, the ability to host phone-ins and telephone interviews and, most recently, social video.

Other audio options

There are lots of other audio tools to try beyond these three. There are the podcasting apps Bossjock Jr, Bumpers (which has a unique editing interface), Crowdcaster, Zencastr, and Opinion; the audio messenger service Pundit; live audio apps Spreaker and Boxcast; and broadcast-from-a-phonecall app iPadio.

Any other suggestions, please let me know in the comments!


5 thoughts on “Audioboom is ending its free service. Here are some free mobile audio tools you can use instead

  1. David Akin

    Great post: Let me put a huge plug in for Voice Record Pro. Two reasons: Top-notch broadcast quality audio. And for all journos (broadcast or otherwise) get to the know the “bookmark feature”. If you’re in a scrum or a news conference and you hear “the quote” you want, you simply tap to add a bookmark and it will set that book 5 seconds, 10 seconds etc. back in the recording. Great productivity tool. So, once news conference is over, you simply move to the bookmarked sections for the “quotes” you want. Check out the app “Recorder Plus” on the iOS. It too lets you simply tap the screen while recording to mark where the good bits are. And like VRP, Recorder Plus lets you export to Wifi, FB, various cloud based services etc.


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