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Announcing the launch of Journalism Enterprise.com

Journalism Enterprise.com

Today I am launching a sister site to the Online Journalism Blog: Journalism Enterprise.com will review websites that are attempting to make money from journalism in the new media age. Consider it a TechCrunch of journalism startups.

Why am I doing this? Because journalism is changing, not only as a job and a process, but as an industry. How journalism – particularly good journalism – is going to survive in a world of free content is perhaps one of the biggest and most difficult questions of the moment.

There are so many experiments by so many people in so many fields – from journalists going it alone to large news organisations trying new projects, from amateurs who feel passionately about their field to non-profit organisations who see the potential of the web, and from internet startups to established new media players, I thought we needed a blog to keep track of it all and provide a place for debating the issues involved.

And I say “we”, because this is a team blog – in fact, I won’t be doing much of the writing at all. Reviews – which are done to a simple six-question format – are written by a team of bloggers from all over the world, who I’ve either invited to contribute, or who approached me as part of my appeal for virtual interns.

Membership of that team is very much open – if you want to contribute to Journalism Enterprise.com (or indeed OJB), please contact me. You will then be invited to join a mailing list, through which leads will circulate. You volunteer for whatever you’re able to do, or interested in reviewing. 

You’ll notice that there are already almost a dozen reviews on the site.

If you know of a project you’d like us to review, contact info@journalismenterprise.com. In the meantime, please browse through the site, post your comments, and hope you find it stimulating.

The idea, by the way, is shamelessly stolen from my colleague Andrew Dubber’s similar site for music startups, New Music Ideas. I was toying with using a wiki to do this before Dubber knocked on my door, and his way of doing things seemed so much better. Thanks Andrew.

This post is part of a Carnival of Journalism, hosted this month by Adrian Monck.