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Kerry Katona, medication, This Morning and 10,000 people in the wrong place

Why did over 10,000 people watch this video on YouTube today (don’t be fooled by the screenshot*, click Play to see something involving a Gordon Brown speech and washing)?

Because over 100,000 people watched this one:

And the title of the first video? “kerry katona drunk today this morning live on phil and fern sleeping medications new body”.

(*YouTube uses a screenshot from the very middle frame of every video. Whoever produced this was savvy enough to include a shot of Schofield and Katona at that point)

Clever, and rather anarchic, use of SEO.

Meanwhile, Mr Paparazzi have a real scoop of sorts with the video above – the most discussed on YouTube today. Candi from the site tells me she

“Wasn’t watching at the time but tracked it down on another website and after some crafty work managed to download a suitable file to upload to You Tube.

“If you search Kerry on You Tube you’ll see I did the same when she was on GMTV a few months ago. It’s all about being one step ahead. Get up there first, get found first.”

Updates to come tomorrow.

(PS: Apologies if you came across this blog post looking for something else.)