Clearing out my Bloglines

Keyword: . I’ve been clearing out my Bloglines subscriptions as they seem to have grown out of control to the extent where I never actually get around to reading them. So, if I don’t see me reading them every day, they’re gone – or at least moved to a place where I’ll still check it, albeit less often.

Out goes News Dissector, which, er, dissects the day’s news (in America), as does the similarly focused Media Matters for America, Nieman Watchdog and Orcinus. I’m tired of reading about America – it’s like I’ve been watching depressing art films for months and have decided to enjoy myself for once with Dodgeball instead.

NEWSgrist looks eclectically curious, but is still out – likewise The Revealer. And while I like the idea of The Smoking Gun, reading it every day is a silly idea.

Finally the whole of my ‘general’ folder goes out the window: Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok’s comment on microeconomic theory and the globalization of culture at “Marginal Revolution”, and alternative media site AlterNet. Out go “Iraq: The Model” and “Baghdad Burning,” which respectively support and oppose the U.S. military intervention; the right-wing “Edge of England’s Sword” and the pro-war leftist “Harry’s Place.” “Slugger O’Toole” ‘s blog covering the Northern Ireland beat, and “A Fistful of Euros”’ overview of Western European politics. BlogAfrica‘s syndicated blogs from across that continent, Living in China‘s expatriate perspective on Chinese politics and society and Japanese tech entrepreneur and venture capitalist Joi Ito (“Joi Ito’s Web”) also get ditched. Really, who was I kidding?

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