Finalists for Knight-Batten innovation in Journalism awards announced

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“This year’s finalists include a searchable Congress database, run by The Washington Post, which contains every recorded vote in the US House and Senate since January 1991.

“The Transparent Newsroom project run by the Spokane Spokesman-Review was nominated for webcasting its daily news meetings and offering online chats where readers can criticise news coverage or pose questions.The newspaper’s website also posts raw documents, such as interview transcripts and even handwritten reporter

“Nominee Global Voices Online is network of global news run by multilingual editors who present and translate citizen news from outside North America and Western

HealthNewsReview is a clearinghouse for health news to help journalists write accurate medical reports and consumers find useful health news.

“Developed by the Sarasota Herald-Tribune to track tropical storm and hurricane activity, calculates specific buildings that are at risk as well as reporting actual storm damage in Florida.Users can also track storms, submit their own forecasts, assess possible damage.

Bakersfield Californian‘s social media platform, Bakomatic, a MySpace-like social network, was nominated for dedicating itself to solely cover Bakersfield, California, allowing residents to submit stories, photos and events for publication.

The final nominee TCDailyPlanet – a local news website for Minneapolis and St Paul, Minnesota – brings together over 35 local and ethnic news organisations and trains citizens to participate and contribute to the news.”

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