Welcome to the Online Journalism Blog

Well, I’ve been blogging for almost three years blogging about online journalism at http://ojournalism.blogspot.com/, but decided the time had come to move from Blogger to WordPress. If you’ve never seen the old Online Journalism Blog, I write about online journalism, citizen journalism, blogging, podcasts, vodcasts, interactive storytelling, publishing, Computer Assisted Reporting, searching and all things internet. For the most part this tends to be scrapbook-style quick links to relevant stories with (I hope informed) comment, but when I have the time I post more extensive analysis and reviews.

For a while I’ll be running both blogs together as I figure out how to make this one do what the other one did (all that time spent on email feeds, mailing lists, CSS styles, blogrolls…). In the meantime you might want to check out my sister site for a Citizen Journalism conference I organised at http://citizenjournalism.wordpress.com/

1 thought on “Welcome to the Online Journalism Blog

  1. stephen kingston

    Just a note to let you know that the new Spring 2007 issue of Salford Star is out now…


    Peter Hook…on New Order, the anniversary of the Hac and the new Ian Curtis movie…by Nigel Pivaro

    May Day Special !!!
    Guest writer Peggy Seeger on Ewan MacColl and his Salford anthem, Dirty Old Town

    the sad plight of the rare Salford Butterfly …guess who’s trashing his home ?

    the great affordable homes scandal…read it with a brown paper bag by yer side

    *** living on the front line in Higher Broughton – as Salford Council is slammed and damned

    Easter Special !!!…the new `non faith’ academy…run by hard core Christians


    *** Could you run the council better than this lot ? Try our great pre-election gameshow where you could win lottsa ££££s and sad school kids…

    + + +
    The Suzuki Method…Lawrence Cassidy…the regen beauty contest in Langworthy…the miffed Mayor of Salford and loads more…a free 68 page bumper spring special !


    Longlisted Paul Foot Award 2006

    Salford Lotta Bottle Award 2006

    UnLtd Millenium Award Winner 2006

    “The Salford Star is the real deal…our homegrown bastion of butt-kicking investigative reporting” Manchizzle blog site

    “pugnacious” British Journalism Review

    “the embodiment of community empowerment” Radio 5

    “The Star celebrates Salford’s character, cultural heritage and arts scene while taking on the accepted direction of its regeneration…”
    The Guardian


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