Nobody reads PDF papers

I never really saw the point of those PDF newspapers being tested by The Guardian and Telegraph. Now Poynter Online reports on research that indicates I may not be the only one:

“New figures from Norwegian Media Businesses’ Association show that virtually nobody is interested in PDF version of newspapers.”

5 thoughts on “Nobody reads PDF papers

  1. R Hawk: Diary of a Newspaper Hawk

    PDFs are encumbering when it is easier to invest 50 cents or a buck in the real thing, or click online to thousands of other news sites. PDFs require more steps and more attention than is helpful.

    Most news is found elsewhere online, making specific newspapers less relevant. Anything slowing the time between wanting to know the news and knowing the news will be bad business in a world when instant news gratification is at hand.

    The days of paper papers might be dying, but the death knell won’t come from PDFs.

    R. Hawk

    Diary of a Newspaper Hawk
    It is cold, and no one is buying papers like they used to.

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