The video journalist’s next purchase

Flip VideoThe New York Post reports on a clever (and relatively inexpensive) device which allows videographers to film, edit and upload material without spending large amounts of time on a computer:

“The little spy-corder device, named Flip Video, is being billed as the first camcorder to upload directly to sites such as YouTube and Grouper – eliminating the step of putting video on a computer to edit before uploading.”

At $119 and $149 it’s clearly aimed at the consumer market, but the instant publishing element makes it an appealing buy for journalists, although it seems you still need to go onto a computer to ‘instantly’ upload to the web.

Here’s the press release.

5 thoughts on “The video journalist’s next purchase

  1. Danny Sanchez

    Yup. We love those little cams. Their great for reporter video of perp walks and such. However, the video is usually rather shaky because the cam is so small.

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  3. angela


    “eliminating the step of putting video on a computer to edit before uploading.”

    I can imagine horrible shaky shots with panning and zooming, shots that go on forever when they should have been cut after three seconds…

    There’s a reason why it’s worth it to spend time editing.

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