Facebook journalism: experiment #2: setting the agenda

Many thanks to those who contributed to the first Facebook journalism experiment, which has proved pretty successful in providing a range of useful sources for online journalism news (both for myself and members of the group). The discussion forum is still open for ongoing contributions.

Now I want to do something which news organisations resist more than anything: turn over the agenda of this blog to you. What areas of online journalism are you most interested in? And are there any particular stories you want more coverage/analysis of? Post your responses here.

I will then try to respond to the results in my coverage…

Note: I could have set up a poll for this, which Facebook charges 25 cents per response for (you can set a maximum number of responses), although this would have been to all Facebook members, I’m guessing. Maybe another time.

Note 2: Or there’s the “Surveys, Petitions, Votes, Polls & Questionnaires” Facebook application to create and respond to surveys, votes & petitions on Facebook…  http://apps.facebook.com/questionnaires/

1 thought on “Facebook journalism: experiment #2: setting the agenda

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