A vlog post from 2020

I was asked by The Telegraph’s Shane Richmond to write a blog post ‘from the year 2020’. “OK,” I thought, “so what would a blog post look like in 13 years’ time?” Well, it would almost certainly be mobile, so I filmed it on my phone. Apple will probably be scraping the barrel of products they can ‘re-engineer’ by then, and… well, it’s all in the video. I was hoping to get some video comments too, so if you’re feeling creative, upload a response to YouTube and I’ll add it in…

6 thoughts on “A vlog post from 2020

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  2. Linda

    I’d like to see subtitles to make stuff more accessible for people with different levels of hearing – do you think people would be more mindful of this by 2020 or that there could be guidelines/quotas laid down so that output was monitored to ensure greater accessibility?

  3. Paul Bradshaw

    Agree totally, Linda. One of the reasons I rarely podcast/vodcast is accessibility issues. Hopefully the likes of the automated audio-to-text software that The Times uses will become integrated into platforms.

  4. Andy Williams

    10/10 from our shared office here at Cardiff!
    We’re still laughing.
    Serious point, though, and one related to something you’ve said in the past Paul.
    I think that if video really is the future then there’s gonna have to be a way of making it more interactive… of giving the audience more choice about how they consume it, and what bits they watch.


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