What RSS reader do you use and why?

I’m a Bloglines man, because it’s social and easier to click through than Google Reader. But what do you use – and why? Apart from anything else, it strikes me that there may be global differences in RSS reader use, in the same way there is with social networks (see below). You can also discuss this at the Online Journalism Blog Facebook Group.

Social networks map

18 thoughts on “What RSS reader do you use and why?

  1. JohnofScribbleSheet

    I used to use a desktop client called Feedreader but after using it for a year or so without a hitch, it got an error and lost all my feeds. After that I was just determined to get something that worked. I had a gmail account and was using various google services, so I decided to use the reader.

    If they make it more social, you should consider switching over.

  2. Andy Williams

    I use live bookmarks in Firefox for the different blogs I read on my work browser and my home browser. Clunky and non-portable, but it allows me to separate out my work and home lives quite neatly in an age when the boundaries between the two seem to be ever more fluid.

  3. Alexandre

    I use InfoRSS, a Firefox extra that shows the news feeds i chose scrolling at the bottom of the browser. For my favorite blogs i use the Google Desktop app.

  4. Matthew A. Gonzalez

    I just recently jumped onto the RSS bandwagon. I was dragging my feet thinking that I didn’t mind just visiting my favorite sites and blogs one at a time. But alas, in class they showed us how to use Google Reader, and I realized it was time. Google Reader is easy to set up, easy to manage, easily accessable and looks nice. I don’t see myself changing from Google Reader any time soon.

    Just a quick question, what is “social” about some of the other readers?

  5. darko156

    I Use Bloglines. I get use to it, and at the beginning GR could not replace it, i don`t know how is now. There was no option KeepNew.

    Plus, i don`t like the Google practice when you sign out on one service, automatically all are sign out.

  6. Florencia Coelho

    I use Netvibes. It´s my web start page.

    I also have a feed for “Links for you” coming from my Del.icio.us.

    I can´t quit my newsletters suscriptions. Each day I tag my selected info. I have a very decent database in my Gmail. I use it like my own new media search engine for research.

  7. Richard Kendall

    I use Netvibes as a start page (alongside Google in Firefox). It’s neat and enables me to view all my chosen RSS feeds in relevant tabs alongside my email, calendar, weather tools (there are plenty of other options and widgets).

    It’s a quick way of getting latest updates with access to my personal information.

    It doesn’t have the tools of dedicated RSS readers, but I use del.icio.us to save articles for later reading.

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  9. Florencia Coelho

    I’m back updating my previous feedback (Nov. 2007!!!)
    A year ago I turned to Google Reader.
    And now I’m following many feeds via… TWITTER!!!



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