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Human rights violations video site launched

Mexico Reporter reports the launch of The Hub by human rights organization Witness to “allow people to publicize events or situations violating human rights using hand-held cameras or mobile phones. They gather material, upload it onto the Hub, and then tell viewers what they can do to help raise awareness of the problem and create change”

In reality, the videos on view at the moment don’t necessarily include the ‘what viewers can do’ element (which admittedly is asking a lot), but there is a specific ‘Take Action’ section. A good example of the ‘how’ of my Five Ws and a H.

Students launch local Christmas blog

Final year Birmingham City University journalism degree students Todd Nash and Neil Timms have launched a niche blog covering the build up to Christmas in Birmingham, complete with video – it’s called Turkey Brumstick. Todd explains:

“For our Professional Journalism module we were asked to produce between five and ten articles for publication. We decided it would be better to create all of them on the same topic and publicise them on a blog to try to get publicity so that it can actually be of use to people.

“We’re filling a gap in the market: the local paper doesn’t produce a lot of video content; then there are the likes of the council websites which tell you what’s going on but not if it’s any good.”

Making money from blogs: Dubber offers a commission to his reader/sellers

Andrew Dubber, who runs the music industry/new media blog New Music Strategies, has some cute ideas for monetising what has become more than a hobby, “without getting in the way of the content, and without jeopardising the integrity of the blog.” The twist: he’s giving a commission to his readers… Continue reading

Over to you, Roy: Why a blogger joined the NUJ

With the NUJ accepting its first full time blogger member (well done), The NUJ New Media mailing list (how retro) has been debating the acceptance of a second, at the end of which come Jemima Kiss and that original blogger, Engadget’s Conrad Quilty Harper, like a quality double act to head the bill. Kiss asked Conrad (or should that be CQH?) to explain why he joined. The answer bears quoting in full: Continue reading

Another source of inspiration for journalism (Bas Timmers)

Guest Blogger Bas Timmers is Newsroom Editor at Dutch broadsheet de Volkskrant.

‘A newspaper is like an oil tanker,’ editors in chief call out in despair again and again. Changing the direction is often slow and difficult. But that of course just depends on whether you have the right rudder or not. Because the captain is still steering the ship. Yes, journalists can be quite nasty and stubborn, but mutiny is still a step too far for most of them.
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