Introducing the ‘Online Journalism Atlas’

We’re a blinkered bunch. Most of what I see in online journalism blogs tends to be about what’s happening in America, or the UK. What about the non-English speaking world? And, er, Canada? So here’s my attempt to address that: an online journalism atlas.

It’s a wiki (naturally) so that you can add information about your own country, or edit an existing entry. The structure is up to you too – if you want to write about local newspaper websites, great. Broadcasters? Fine. The blogosphere? Wonderful.

I know this blog has readers in dozens of countries, so I want to extend this invitation to you all: I’ve done enough talking – I, and I’m sure other readers, would be very very interested in what the state of play is in your neck of the woods. Broaden our minds. Correct the Anglo-American bias. Oh, and tell us what’s happening in Canada.

All contributions, however small, are more than welcomed. And I’ll be publishing excerpts on the OJB. Thanks,


7 thoughts on “Introducing the ‘Online Journalism Atlas’

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  2. Kristine

    Interesting idea. My own two pennies on how to widen your media blog reading to include a more international selection of blogs: standing keyword searches on issues or companies you follow will throw up a more eclectic set of blogs. Nothing revolutionary in this, but for my own part it has made me aware of a great number of good media related blogs in various languages. They certainly exist, only wish my language skills extended to Easter European, Arabic etc

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