4 thoughts on “What (new) skills do you look for in a journalist?

  1. Linda

    Hi Paul,

    I’m in a position that has involved mentoring new journalists and the most urgent skill as far as I am concerned is that they have excellent people skills – that they can relate well to people, to win their trust so that they can tell their story. Empathy and good humour go a long, long way!
    all best

  2. Brendan Griffiths

    I was recently in contact with a few editors about my module choices at Uni. I was concerned that if I did my dissertation in Film & Media rather than my other subject, Journalism (joint honours btw) it would reflect poorly on any application for a writers job at a magazine.
    I was reassured that it would not matter, some of them and their team don’t have a background in University Journalism at all.
    The point they all seemed to make was that I would need to show my knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject I would be writing about in the mag.
    They would rather see enthusiasm and attention to detail. They also recommended getting as much work experience as possible, as this was a powerful thing to have on a CV.


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