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So I signed up to automatic podcast generator Odiogo. The result: a podcast feed for all of my posts. Useful for accessibility – and recommended on that basis if nothing else. The automated reading of posts is surprisingly natural. But one big problem: because I use the <more> strip in WordPress to prevent my homepage being dominated by lengthy posts, this also truncates the feed, and so the audio only runs to that point.

UPDATE: Some tips were given below, plus an email from Odiogo themselves as follows:

some WordPress plugins such as DualFeeds or CopyFeed  create a full RSS feed, including the text after the more tag.

“Please note that these plugins have not been tested by Odiogo – we don’t know if they are compatible with and cannot be held responsible if they cause any issue to your blog.

4 thoughts on “Listen to this blog’s posts

  1. Martin Belam

    Does your current RSS feed include the full extended version of each entry – or is that truncated too when you put content in the strip?

    You probably need to make sure you are feeding Odiogo a full-fat RSS feed rather than the default one WordPress publishes


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