Speaking: Investigative Journalism goes Global

On June 13th I will be in London at the Investigative Journalism Goes Global conference, hosted by Westminster University. The day will include the official launch of the second edition of the book Investigative Journalism, for which I’ve written a chapter on ‘Investigative Journalism and Blogs‘. I’ll be on a panel discussing “GLOBAL OPERATIONS Sourcing Globally, Reporting Globally”

Here’s the incredibly intimidating company in which I will be sitting.

  • Chair: Deborah Vogel, Course Leader, Postgraduate Journalism
  • Stephen Grey, Investigative journalist and author of Ghost Plane (tbc)
  • Gavin McFadyen, Director, Centre of Investigative Journalism
  • Paul Lashmar, Freelance investigative journalist
  • me
  • Deborah Davies, Channel 4 Dispatches

If you’ll be there let me know, would be great to say hello.

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