5 stages of a blogger’s life

Hope you enjoy this. Concept by Paul Bradshaw, drawings by the wonderful Alex Hughes:

1st stage of blogging: play

1st stage of blogging: play

2nd stage of blogging: feedback

2nd stage of blogging: feedback

3rd stage of blogging: community

3rd stage of blogging: community

4th stage of blogging: fame

4th stage of blogging: fame

5th stage of blogging: exhaustion/death

5th stage of blogging: exhaustion/death

Here are some Twitter avatar-size versions too:


110 thoughts on “5 stages of a blogger’s life

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  15. Uncle B

    Tender spot hurting a lot? Other side too? bruises on your face and body throbbing? Is that blood running out your nose, skirt above your head in the wind, panties torn and soiled, titties swelling and turning blue by the minute, lost on the roadside, hoping not to die? Did you recognize the tail lights of the limo that threw you off? Was it the same limo that picked you up at election time, promising a good decent clean ride? Will you ever learn? Last time these guys did this to you, your babies were killed in Iraq and your retirement fund spent to do it, your taxes went up, you did not get destroyed by the weapons of mass destruction, they were never found. Poor little America. Our heart-felt prayers from Canada go out to you!

  16. Rajeev Edmonds

    Excellent illustrations. In fact they can be broken further, and can be developed into 8-10 stages in a bloggers life.

  17. Chadrack

    Hey, you just put some life into me! I hope not to end like that. My dream is to make it big with me blog. I will ever remember this post!

  18. Dwayne from Probably

    I'm currently between 2 and 3. My blog is only like a week and two days old or so (at this time of posting), and I've hit around 3,500 unique visitors already. I just can't wait to get to Stage 5, it looks fun, getting to hover above your keyboard like that.

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  25. Tara

    What about if you get to 4 and become so rich and famous that you can pay some minion to write your blog for you while you sail off into the sunset? Cause that's possible right? I'm kinda banking on that being possible . . .

  26. baldie

    wow, if fame is that hard and leads to step 5, I am better of between step 1 and 2 where I am at the moment! 🙂 Funny stuff though!

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  36. DJCNOR

    I just had my first experience of stage 2 and I loved it! I got really lucky and apparently was among the first who saw the shoe-throwing incident. One quick post, and the last two days have seen a huge amount of hits and comments (for me). I answered all comments that invited discussion.

    Now the hits have fallen back down to my original low level. This experience will keep me going for another two months.

    I’ve got a question, though. As in “real life”, not just any community will do. With the huge amount of bloggers out there, how do you locate the community you will fit in?

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  43. Robert

    I found my former self in this toon. Currently I rest at stage five, but my suspicion is this evolution will degrade to step one once again – I jut cannot get rid of blogging fever 😦

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  45. ugg boot blogger

    That might be the 5 stages of the 1 in a million blogger.. The other 999,999 blogs out there fade away..

    Maybe it should be

    Start a blog thinking you’ll be the next Perez Hilton
    Post stuff which can be found on 999,999 other blogs
    Get spammed
    Realize no one reads your blog
    Blog dies and continues to clutter the web

    Or perhaps I’m just cynical : )

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