Adding value to the archives: mashes up NYT real estate articles

Want to know the value of opening up your article databases and APIs? Suburbified is one of the first mashups created using the New York Times’ recently opened API.



Here’s what it does, according to KillerStartUps:

“Suburbified is the one stop location to learn about every single suburb around New York City. It’s always so difficult to keep track of all the different suburbs around the city particularly with so many resembling names. To solve this issue, has created a mash up using the New York Times API and then represented all the articles from the Real Estate section published on Sundays on a nifty map that you can easily navigate.”

So, for free*, the NYT now has a new way for people to find its articles, and a new source of traffic for its archives.

The site promises “Coming soon is Gothamized, with the rest of the articles on each neighborhood of New York City.”

*That is, the cost of creating the database and API. Consider it a case of match-funding development costs, with the other half met by people keen to play with your ‘toys’


4 thoughts on “Adding value to the archives: mashes up NYT real estate articles

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