Online audio and podcasts (Online Journalism lesson #5)

Lesson 5 in this series of Online Journalism classes takes a quick look at producing audio for the web and recording podcasts. It’s quick, because this is an area where you’re best doing it as quickly as possible and learning from your mistakes. For more on this area see my podcasts bookmarks and online audio bookmarks. I’d welcome any feedback or information you think I should add.

3 thoughts on “Online audio and podcasts (Online Journalism lesson #5)

  1. Nagaraj

    Dear Mr Bradshaw:

    I am a web editor and manager with a reputed newspaper in India.

    I am currently searching for an audio player that I can embed in our web pages with the text reports for which we also have some accompanying or supporting audio.

    I have so far come across the wimpy button and wimpy mp3 player, but am looking for something more simple yet flexible.

    Do you have any suggestions? I will be happy and grateful to hear from you!


  2. Nagaraj

    Dear Mr Bradshaw:

    Thank you for the pointers.

    I will investigate them and perhaps try them out too and post back.



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