Crowdsourcing thoughts on council newspapers: #councilpapers

The previous two posts on the role of local authorities in regional news sparked a bit of crowdsourcing on Twitter: “Do you think your council newspaper is worth having?” I asked. The responses, tagged #councilpapers, can be seen at this Twitter search. Below you will find a Wordle cloud of tagged tweetsand a Twickie compilation of the first dozen or so responses.

In addition, Adrian Short suggested people bookmark council papers on Delicious with the tag ‘councilpapers’ – you can see these here. If yours isn’t listed, please add it.

Wordle: #councilpapers


paulbradshaw: OK, let’s crowdsource this: Do you think your council newspaper is worth having? Please retweet #councilpapers  

about a day ago

jonhickman: for me my council paper is not worth having, for majority of Erdington residents it is #councilpapers #ndi09 #sittingonfence  

about a day ago

dubber: Sometimes, when I do the dishes, I break a wineglass. Then the community newspaper comes in very handy.  

about a day ago

QuicksilverPR: RT #councilpapers It’s OK because it’s concise, A4 8pp I think. Some I’ve seen are self-indulgently long and over-frequent  

about a day ago

rachel_simmo: The Forward paper we get is only useful for the jobs, we don’t read much else in there but it’s better than the BCC website  

about a day ago

daveharte: don’t know. not delivered in Bournville (anywhere in Brum?) anymore. Never see it about to read it. #councilpapers  

about a day ago

bounder: I’d rather it was a blog & it could lose some of the puff, but overall yes  

about a day ago

parboo: I like getting B’ham’s if it comes, Originally, savings from job ads in the expensive Mail funded it -good idea #councilpapers  

about a day ago

alncl: Our annual surveys suggest people think it is. #councilpapers  

about a day ago

markwaugh: Waste of time and money. Very sceptical of the heavily spun content! #councilpapers  

about a day ago

adrianshort: No to #councilpapers . 1. Councils have a hard enough time communicating about themselves. 2. Not credible as journalism.  

about a day ago

jameswest: #councilpapers Hambleron DC paper isn’t worth much.  

about a day ago

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