Young people drying up like puddles on a sunny day: useful tools

There is a tool available to show graphically changes in population over time between 1992 and 2031.

The website provides an interactive map that graphically illustrates the extent to which age profile of the UK will change over the next few years. The mapping tool allows the user to select criteria for studying various age groups from UK level down to every local authority area. So, if you’d like to see what the age profile of your locality will look like in ten years’ time, this site can help. It is especially useful for local news bloggers.

To find out more, visit

If you set the age range to the 0-15’s, it’s like watching pools of water dry up on a sunny day, as the drought of young people spreads across the country. Or watch the progress of the over-65s (which I join just after the end of the period) as the map gradually darkens.




Hat-tip: St Aidan to Abbey Moor.

1 thought on “Young people drying up like puddles on a sunny day: useful tools

  1. Adam Westbrook

    This is particularly worrying because those shrinking puddles are supposed to pay our pensions…

    Nice to see using some creative graphics. Their interactive piece on mortality rates this month was superb.


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