While you’re waiting for Yahoo! to make its mind up about Delicious, sign up to Trunk.ly

Despite the incredible work done on the spreadsheet comparing social bookmarking services I am yet to find one that does everything that I use Delicious for (background here). One service I have been using, however, is Trunk.ly.

Once you’ve imported your existing bookmarks from Delicious Trunk.ly stores any new ones you bookmark on Delicious, keeping the backup up to date. In addition it can store any links you’ve shared on Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader and any RSS feed.

It is essentially a search engine for links you may have shared at some point – but its technical limitations stop it from being much more. For example, there do not appear to be any RSS feeds for tags*, and there is no facility to combine tags to find items that are, for example, tagged with ‘privacy’ and ‘tools’. (It would also be nice if it tagged links shared on Twitter with any hashtags in the tweet)

That said if, like me, you want to continue using Delicious but with an ongoing backup in case, Trunk.ly appears a sound choice. And it’s early days, so here’s hoping they add those features soon… *cough*.

*Planned apparently. See Trunk.ly in the comments below.

7 thoughts on “While you’re waiting for Yahoo! to make its mind up about Delicious, sign up to Trunk.ly

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  2. Tim


    Thanks for the review. Trunk.ly is still very much beta (although not tagged as such) we have improvements to tags on the roadmap. I’ll make sure we look at these improvements you’ve mentioned (some of these you can do through the API already but appreciate that’s not helpful to all users yet).

    You’ll be pleased to know that if you have hash tagged tweets we automatically make tags for the links in trunk.ly now.



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  4. Philip John

    Packrati.us monitors your twitter feed for links you share, adding them – along with any hashtags – to your delicious account.

    FWIW I’m not moving away from delicious until it’s confirmed that it’s closing.

  5. Dave

    Will have to try it. Have still not made a ‘close down Delicious account’ commitment.

    Had today decided to resort to ‘sharing’ Google Reader items instead of sending them to Delicious from within Google Reader, but if trunk.ly can do both, this might allay my fears, at least as a backup service.

  6. Dave Cheong

    Trunk.ly’s a great service – it’s now a permanent tool in my kit. I also want to bring your attention to Trunkler, an iPhone and iPod Touch client I built for Trunk.ly. It’s super easy and fun to use. Now you get all the goodness of Trunk.ly everywhere you go, right on your iOS device.


    Best wishes,


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