3 new resources for data journalists

There have been a raft of new sites for data launched in the past couple of months which I haven’t had time to blog about, so here’s a quick round-up:

  • Tim DaviesOpen Data Cookbook aims to collect “step by step recipes for practical ways to use open data” – a useful complement to GetTheData. The recipes are currently aimed at the more technically minded but you know what to do to address that…
  • Is It Open Data? aims to “make it easy for people to make enquires of data holders, about the openness of the data they hold — and to record publicly the results of those efforts.”
  • And for those wishing to publish open data, The Open Data Manual provides information on what open data is, why you should publish open data, and how to do it. If you come up against an organisation that does not know how to publish their data in an open format, or needs convincing of why they should do so, this is a good place to point them to (or learn the arguments from).

If you’ve seen any other useful resources of late, please post a link in the comments.

8 thoughts on “3 new resources for data journalists

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  4. Tracy-Dick

    Oh somebody please help me. Fired old-fashioned street reporter wants to create own local news blog? Completely capable except for where to go and how to started part. No money of course but I can’t not write news. Besides I want to get my stories out before the editor steals them. (Bitching about it got me fired. You know how it goes. She also locked me out of all my notes; contacts; correspondence…) So time is critical and I’m highly motivated. I posted to various Google help boards to no response.

    While I love print, the practical thing to do is head to the clouds. I’d like to be able to control my own fonts and layouts yet have templates as I am not HTML savvy.

    Earning income is not an objective. Telling the story is and I’m the only one in my neck of the woods willing to do it.

    Somebody please help me. Any high maintenance is limited to getting me up and running.

    Should I buy a domain name? I think I’ll go there next.

    (Do not consider this a writing sample.) 🙂

    Thank you!

    I need a mentor.

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