A new tool for online verification: Google’s ‘Search by Image’

Google have launched a ‘Search by Image’ service which allows you to find images by uploading, dragging over, or pasting the URL of an existing image.

The service should be particularly useful to journalists seeking to verify or debunk images they’re not sure about.

(For examples where it may have been useful, look no further than this week’s Gay Syrian Blogger story, as well as the ‘dead’ Osama Bin Laden images that so many news outlets fell for)/

TinEye, a website and Firefox plugin, does the same thing – but it will be interesting to see if Google’s service is more or less powerful (let me know how you get on with it) Find it hereVideo here.


7 thoughts on “A new tool for online verification: Google’s ‘Search by Image’

  1. Adam Haworth

    Really a step forward for Google, this will really come into its own with mobile devices, I think the Iphone already as a camera image search function.

    I look forward to this developing.

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  3. keona

    I really think that google is starting something really big. Google is doing something that no one else is doing. Come on Search by Image, you cant get any better than that. No one else has even thought about doing this.This is a great website for students of all kinds. My son and I really enjoy it, it helps us on all of our assignments. THANKS GOOGLE YOU’RE THE BEST:)


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