My first ebook: Scraping For Journalists (and programming too)

Next week I will start publishing my first ebook: Scraping for Journalists.

Although I’ve written about scraping before on the blog, this book is designed to take the reader step by step through a series of tasks (a chapter each) which build a gradual understanding of the principles and techniques for tackling scraping problems. Everything has a direct application for journalism, and each principle is related to their application in scraping for newsgathering.

For example: the first scraper requires no programming knowledge, and is working within 5 minutes of reading.

I’m using Leanpub for this ebook, because it allows you to publish in installments and update the book for users – which suits a book like this perfectly, as I’ll be publishing chapters week by week, Codecademy-style.

If you want to be alerted when the book is ready register on the book’s Leanpub page.

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