Review: TranscribeMe App

TranscribeMe mobile transcription app

Following her review of the audio transcription app Transcribe, Antoinette Siu looks at online transcription service TranscribeMe.

In an age of automation, audio transcription looks like a problem in serious need of not just one solution, but many. And while web-based tool Transcribe helped you transcribe audio on-screen, new mobile app TranscribeMe offers to do your transcription work while you’re still out in the field.

The app isn’t just targeting busy journalists on deadline—if you’re someone who likes recording class lectures, leaving voice memo reminders, or taking meeting notes, this might be for you too.

Then, of course, there is the ability to use Ctrl+F to find particular text in a long audio recording: with the app, searchable transcriptions come in PDF, HTML, or .doc formats. Pricing goes for $1 to $3 per minute, depending on whether your audio is single- or multi-speaker.

Using the app is straightforward: upload or record your audio, send it over for the software to transcribe, and receive the transcription.

The process was really quite simple. I tested the app with a two-minute clip I recorded on the spot, sent it over, and got the text back (emailed to you as a PDF and available on your account) within 25 minutes.

The transcription was fairly accurate for the most part, with a few misinterpretations and missed words. Grammatically it was pretty spot-on , correctly splicing my sentences with commas and capitalizing my proper nouns.

If you’re want to use the TranscribeMe app, you can request a free trial to test-run it.


6 thoughts on “Review: TranscribeMe App

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  2. Ross

    I had great hopes for this service. I uploaded an 8 minute audio (Single speaker) and I am still waiting for the transcript after five days. I love the concept, just not impressed with the service at this time.

  3. sgerbic

    I can’t remember the name of the manual transcriber you recommended a couple years ago Tim. It worked best on Firefox and I used it for a long transcription. I hate to pay for something when I can get it for free with my own work, and can’t wait to get results. And I don’t like signing up for free trials. Negative Nancy tonight, that’s me. I’m still looking for the one I used before….


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