Art or journalism?

The internet has opened up all sorts of creative possibilities for journalists – and artists. The following is just a selection of examples of both – but which is journalism, and which is art?

The gentrification of New York shown through a series of images:


A map of cannabis outlets:

cannabis map

The strangest Facebook Graph searches:


Two women travel every bus route in London:


Movies summed up in 9 frames:


Why a child cries:

child crying pope

10 portraits of bankers, by an anthropologist:

How to complain:


Journalists’ emotions:


Your worst Valentine’s Day experiences:

bad valetines

Anecdotes about celebrities which aren’t really that interesting:

bad anecdotes

Significant contemporary issues and events. And Miley Cyrus twerking.
mileytwerking mileytwerkinghead

Photogenic students celebrate A level results:

Photogenic students leap in celebration of a level results

Councillors point at problems:


Questions to which the answer is ‘no’:

Questions To Which The Answer Is No

When items in your house fit perfectly into spaces or other items:
thingsfiting thingsfitting2

A couple write about the fights that they’ve had.


Two single friends date each other for a month and write about it:

40 days of dating

US surveillance activities illustrated by images of the president appearing to look at ‘your emails’.

obama surveillance

Exploring privacy issues raised by Facebook by giving a selection of people ‘Facebook ID cards’


Exploring the issue of surveillance by putting you on a ‘list’

Theresa May bot listsA Twitter bot based on a Government minister which illustrates her public policy position regarding monitoring communications by putting Twitter users on lists.

“How does it feel to be placed on a list?

“She chooses her targets based on keywords she finds in your public tweets. Imagine if she could read your email too…”


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