Finding Stories in Spreadsheets – ebook now live!

Finding stories in spreadsheets book cover

Cover design by Matt Buck/Drawnalism

My latest ebook – Finding Stories in Spreadsheets – is now live on Leanpub.

As with Scraping for Journalists, I’m publishing the book week-by-week so the book can be updated based on reader feedback, user suggestions and topical developments.

Each week you can download a new chapter covering a different technique for finding stories, from calculating proportions and changes, to combining data, cleaning it up, testing it, and extracting specific details.

There’s also a downloadable spreadsheet at the end of each chapter with a series of exercises to practise that chapter’s technique and find particular stories.

Along the way I tackle some other considerations in telling the story, such as context and background, and the importance of being specific in the language that you use.

If there’s anything you’d like covered in the book let me know. You can also buy the book in a ‘bundle’ with its sister title Data Journalism Heist, which covers quick-turnaround techniques for finding stories in spreadsheets using pivot tables and advanced filters.


2 thoughts on “Finding Stories in Spreadsheets – ebook now live!

  1. Bill Bennett

    Reblogged this on Bill Bennett and commented:
    This post is mainly for journalists and those who are interested n how we work.

    I purchased Bradshaw’s Scraping for Journalists book last year. I won’t say it changed my life, there’s little call for data journalism in New Zealand and even less interest from publishers willing to pay for the work. And yet I’ve found myself using lessons from this book in my work.

    it’s more than a primer, it’s a text book and an operator’s manual. It’s also good value, after I paid for the book, the publisher sent around half a dozen updates at no extra cost.

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